There are numerous websites online which helps you to detect the current latitude and longitude in other words the GPS coordinates of a location with a button click.

But if you want to download GPS coordinates of all the points of a route then for that there are limited free services which lets you do that. One of such free websites is GPSVisualizer, where you can input the link of your Google maps in which you have your route defined with starting and ending points.

But due to restrictions in usage of Google Maps, we cannot directly copy paste the link from Google Maps which gets modified when you have defined your route on Google Maps.

So, in-order to generate the route-coordinates, we need to do little background work.As the background work, we need to create our own custom map using Google Maps and define the route.

Follow along to create your custom map and generate the GPS coordinates.

  • Sign in to Google Maps.
  • Click on “+CREATE A NEW MAP.” on top left corner.
Image 1
Log in to Google Maps.
  • In the map-drawing interface’s toolbar, click on the “Add Directions” button .
image 2
Add directions.
  • Provide your Start and End Points and generate the route.
image 3
Define your route and share.
  • Once the route is defined, click on “ +Share” and give your Map a name.
  • In the “Sharing Settings” Change the “Who can access” from ‘Private – Only you can access’ to ‘On – Anyone with the link’.
Image 4
Add necessary privileges before sharing.
  • Copy the link under the “Link to share (only accessible by collaborators)” and paste it in the ‘Or provide the URL of a file on the Web:’ on the GPSVisualizer page.

Image 5

  • Click “Convert”.
  • This will generate the desired GPS coordinates for the route you have defined on the screen and also in .CSV format.

Image 6



P.S. – Thanks to the GPSVisualizer developer(s) for letting us use the services for free.




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