UBER!! is one of the giants in online taxi service providers across the globe.

Millions of its users are getting benefited from its taxi services every single second. With every trip or ride taken with UBER, we leave behind a lot of transactional data.

Traditionally, UBER does not let its regular users to download the trip related data for their accounts, but you can view all the trips from the date you have started using the UBER services over its app or the website. On contrary, if you are an Organisation and using UBER services then you can extract the UBER trip data using the Organisation’s account. UBER gives the procedure over its website on ‘How to extract the trip data for the organisation‘.

But the similar procedure is not provided for the individual account holders. If you are daily UBER commuter and need the consolidated bills or details for your trips of a week/month/quarter/Year or anything, just follow along the post and I will show you how can we extract the data from your Uber account.

The columns of data that are extracted from the UBER trip data are:

I am using Google Chrome to perform the extraction from the UBER website.

Image 1.png
Google Chrome extensions’ store
  • When prompted with a pop-up regarding “Add Uber Data Extractor”, <<Add Extension>>.
  • Within few seconds, this extension gets added to your Chrome browser and there will be a message which pops-up regarding extension added successfully. Also, you will notice a black map look alike icon on the right-hand side of the address bar.
Image 2
Extension successfully added.
  • Next login to https://riders.uber.com/trips with your valid user credentials.
  • Once you have logged in and on the “My Trips” page, click on the map icon of the extension. A message “Scraping in progress… this may take a few minutes! DO NOT CLICK THE EXTENSION AGAIN” will be displayed on the left-hand side on black UBER header.
Image 3
Scraping in progress!!!
  • Depending on amount of data a .CSV file named trip-history.csv gets generated and gets downloaded automatically.
  • Voila!! You should have all the data from your UBER account in a nice & tidy .CSV format.

PS: If this trick is not working for you, i recommend you to “Turn off your popup-blocker in chrome” and also to “Enable developer mode on in Chrome“.




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